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Enter profiles that feature people and events of interest to the school community. By making it easy for anyone to enter a calendar event, the folks who have the information can enter it directly.

Profiles will not appear unless approved so enter them early. Some staff members are pre-approved to enter profiles.

  1. Enter a Headline.
  2. Enter some Teaser text. One possibility is the first few sentences of the Details.
  3. Details are optional. If the Teaser says it all, so be it.
  4. The essence of a profile is its photo. Upload or select a photo. Photos are best in landscape layout, standard 2x3 aspect ratio like this:
  5. Submitter's contact info is required in case there is a question.
  6. Click Submit for Approval.
  7. An email will be sent to you when the event is approved. If you are pre-approved to enter calendar events, no email will be sent.
Tutorial movie available

To edit Details:

  • You can select text to make it bold, italic or underlined.
  • Selected text can be made into a hyperlink with the Hyperlink button. However, all links must be fully specified, starting with "http://".
  • Paragraphs can be can be made left, center or right justified.
  • Sequences of paragraphs can be converted to a bulleted list or numbered list.
  • Headings can be set to be heading level 1, 2 or 3.
  • You can also examine and modify the HTML code by clicking the Toggle Mode button or switch back to WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing by clicking it again. Be careful editing the HTML...we've given you enough rope to hang yourself.
  • Hitting Enter creates a new paragraph. Hitting Shift-Enter creates a line break (no empty vertical space.


Featured Person's Name
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1 Headline
2 Teaser
3 Details
 Upload: Upload file Upload image
4 Photo PhotoID:
5 Submitter's Name
Submitter's Email
Submitter's Phone

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