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Department Name/Name Position Phone/Email
Shad Reed PK-12 Principal  (806) 945-2231
Shad Reed PK-12 Principal  (806) 945-2231
Jeanie Birkenfeld Principal  jeanie.birkenfeld@nazarethisd.net
Glen Waldo Superintendent  glen.waldo@nazarethisd.net
Veronica Gonzalez Custodian  (806) 945-2231
Keva Reed Library & Technology  (806) 945-2231
Keenan Senter Maintenance & Transportation  (806) 945-2231
Karen Wanjura Speech Therapist  (806) 945-2231
Teri Wilde Special Education  (806) 945-2231
Ralph Albracht Maintenance/Transportation  ralph.albracht@nazarethisd.net
Mona Brockman Student PEIMS/Principals’ Secretary  mona.brockman@nazarethisd.net
Merle Clark Speech Pathologist  merle.clark@nazarethisd.net
Angela Fulkerson Music Teacher/Band Director  angela.fulkerson@nazarethisd.net
Jane Gerber Title 1 Aide  jane.gerber@nazarethisd.net
K'Lynn Gerber Instructional Aide/Business Office  klynn.gerber@nazarethisd.net
Cory Hoelting Technology Coordinator  cory.hoelting@nazarethisd.net
Christy Senter SE Instructional Aide  christy.senter@nazarethisd.net
Melody Wiley Special Education Teacher  melody.wylie@nazarethisd.net
Elementary School
Lydia Schacher Music Instructional Aide  (806) 945-2231
Ann Nelson PK Teacher/MS Science  ann.nelson@nazarethisd.net
Nicole Schulte Kindergarten  nicole.schulte@nazarethisd.net
Heather Birkenfeld First Grade  heather.birkenfeld@nazarethisd.net
Sheryl Damron Second Grade  sheryl.damron@nazarethisd.net
Lindsey Brockman Third Grade  lindsey.brockman@nazarethisd.net
Missy Kleman Fourth Grade  missy.kleman@nazarethisd.net
Sara Hunter
Fifth Grade  sara.hunter@nazarethisd.net
Food Service
Veronica Rodriguez Cafeteria Worker  veronica.rodriguez@nazarethisd.net
Appie VanDijk Cafeteria Worker  appievandijk2@gmail.com
Carolyn Wilhelm Cafeteria Manager  carolyn.wilhelm@nazarethisd.net
Guidance and Counseling
Nikki Wethington Counselor/Title 1  nikki.wethington@nazarethisd.net
Health Clinic
Glenda Birkenfeld Nurse  glenda.birkenfeld@region16.net
Angie Osterkamp Librarian Aide  angie.osterkamp@nazarethisd.net
Matthew Leyendecker Social Studies  matthew.leyendecker@nazarethisd.net
Kelsie Pittillo Science & Coach  kelsie.pittillo@nazarethisd.net
Gayle Quigley Mathematics  (806) 945-2231
Austin Heck Ag. Science/FFA  austin.heck@nazarethisd.net
Daisy Hernandez Spanish  daisy.hernandez@nazarethisd.net
Cynthia Huseman English/Journalism/Yearbook  cindy.huseman@nazarethisd.net
Macee Huseman Science  macee.huseman@nazarethisd.net
Mandy Makeever MS Teacher/Head Cross Country Coach  mandy.makeever@nazarethisd.net
Steven Moore MS Teacher/Head Baseball Coach  steven.moore@nazarethisd.net
Charlotte O'Daniel Secondary Mathematics  charlotte.odaniel@nazarethisd.net
Eric Schilling Reading/Head Girls Basketball  eric.schilling@nazarethisd.net
Brenda Schulte English  brenda.schulte@nazarethisd.net
Taylor Schulte Secondary/Head Boys Basketball & Tennis  taylor.schulte@nazarethisd.net
John Stanaland Social Studies/Head Football  john.stanaland@nazarethisd.net
Dana Stanfield Business/Computer Applications  dana.stanfield@nazarethisd.net
Hayley Wynn MS & HS Math Teacher  hayley.wynn@nazarethisd.net

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